Shifting Sands

from by Seas of Conflict



All things are transient around me
Nothing is ever true for long
The sandstorm rages on
The gods of wind reinvent the dawn horizon
Beneath my feet the sands are shifting
Nothing familiar remains
And as the chaos reigns
I find the peace of mind to live again

All the land is dark and strange
Torn apart and reborn, locked in endless change
I’m lost in a cycle
Lost in a never-ending clash of wills
All the land is dark and strange
Though all I loved has died, still I won’t meet my end
This is my time to live again

Mirrored in the motions of the sun
I cast my fears into the dust
The dust of ages dead and lost to the world
Lost in the desert of time
I cast my fears into the dust, I cast my chains aside
Every dawn a lifetime is begun
I pulled my dreams back from the void, reclaimed them all
Just take each passing moment at a time
I cast my fears into the dust, I left my chains behind

Don’t look back, the past is nothing but the shift of sands
Desert dreams no longer desecrate my mind
Though dark mirages beckon me
Free from my eyes, at last I see

I am the wind upon the marches
The dunes are sculpted by my hand
No more am I a slave of fortune
I’ve found a way to cast my fears aside into the dust

Pulled from the whirl of shifting sands
Deliverance, deliverance
I’ve found a way to cast my fears aside into the dust

Like the hopes and fears in our hearts, empires of sand will rise and fall
Feel the dawning of dusk on the wind, feel the pulse of life that walks inside us all

There’s something moving through the wind
This fatal ending draws me to begin
Feel the dawning of dusk, there’s a pulse in all of us
Turn your fears into dust, there’s a pulse in all of us
There’s a pulse in us

Rise, fall, feel the pulse inside of us all
Rise, fall, take your fears and cast them all into the dust


from Vestige, released March 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Seas of Conflict Hamilton, New Zealand

Seas Of Conflict is a Heavy Metal band from Hamilton (New Zealand), which consists of five members who all share the same dream, which is to have their music reach as many people as it possibly can. Seas Of Conflict are five hard working best friends who love to write, record, and perform their own original music. ... more

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