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Chained down by defeat
The cyclic torment of life in repeat
And every thought became a burden on me
It dragged me down to a world I never dared to believe
Fallen into an abyss of misery
Buried inside myself, no room to breathe
A subterranean tomb
I watched in horror as you dug this hole for me

You cast me into the deep
And left me there
When all I wanted to room to breathe
I dared to look upon your sky
I bared myself to the light, and lost my soul to the shadows
You fucking cast me down
I bared myself to the light, but the shadows pulled me down into the ground

I'm stranded beneath the earth
It's lightless, I can't get out

And for a time I was your spectre
A false reflection of the hate you shone on me
I just want to make you see
You could've been my light
You let me die in a crevasse of earth and stone

But I found glimmers in the darkness
And it was in the black of night that I found the fire to find my own way to the surface
I never needed your light
All I needed was some time

The sun has set on your horizon
In the night sky, the moon will rise again
And in the absence of your withering gaze
My light will grace the earth, my light will set the stars ablaze

Silver strands eclipse the gold
Effulgence lights an empty heart
I'm no longer your ghost
Living off stolen glimmers in the dark
Unearthed radiance fills the night
The ending marks the start
I have found new life

I wasted all my golden years
Trapped inside these catacombs of your imagination
And though you only gave me hatred I won't give you mine
I never needed your light
All I needed was some time


from Vestige, released March 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Seas of Conflict Hamilton, New Zealand

Seas Of Conflict is a Heavy Metal band from Hamilton (New Zealand), which consists of five members who all share the same dream, which is to have their music reach as many people as it possibly can. Seas Of Conflict are five hard working best friends who love to write, record, and perform their own original music. ... more

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