Leviathan (ft. Josh Bain)

by Seas of Conflict

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The long awaited single from Seas Of Conflict is finally here and available for free download.
Seas are very proud of how this has turned out and we hope you enjoy 'Leviathan' featuring guest vocals from Josh Bain of Depths (www.facebook.com/depthsnz)


I’m unsure of the words
The clockwork of the world, what is inexplicable
We started out so small and grew into something so

The world around me seemed so much smaller than the one that I have created
Get me out of the dark
Get me out of the fucking dark
I need something to show me that this is real

Before I meet my demise, before I meet my fucking demise
I despise the monster inside of me that slowly tears away at me
I need to find an escape

I’ve been swallowed by a beast, trapped in the belly of a monster
I’ve been consumed by the Leviathan

Trapped in the belly of the Leviathan

I never thought I’d be in this situation
I never thought I’d end up this way
The countless questions I've asked myself
Have never changed a thing
The countless questions I asked myself
They never changed a fucking thing

I have been here since the beginning, awaiting my chance to drag you into bloodied waters I am your malice given form, residing in your deepest failures. I am the leviathan, I am the beast you've awakened. And I will tear you limb from limb, there's no escape from my grasp for you were born into this sin

(There’s no escape from your grasp)
For you were born into this sin
(For I was born into this sin)
For you were born into this sin

I need to find an escape from the monsters jaws
I’ve been trapped here for too long but I can’t see no light at the end the darkness is drowning me

I call this abyss my home your mind is my feeding ground and I will swallow you whole!


released October 10, 2014
Tracked/Mastering by Tyler Marshall
Artwork: Farrell Rolfe



all rights reserved


Seas of Conflict Hamilton, New Zealand

Seas Of Conflict is a Heavy Metal band from Hamilton (New Zealand), which consists of five members who all share the same dream, which is to have their music reach as many people as it possibly can. Seas Of Conflict are five hard working best friends who love to write, record, and perform their own original music. ... more

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