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Suspended, encapsulated in time
At odds with my mind
Cause I don't wanna believe I’ll never have the means to make amends with everything that I let die
And it scares me to think I could have all the right intentions
But still make all the wrong decisions

And every time I dragged you forward, it took you back to the hell you fled
And every time I warmed your frozen heart, it burnt you to bones
I'm standing on the precipice
And the only way is down

Choking on the embers of the flames that took you
Every tortured prophecy of my darkest dreams has echoed true
This land rejects me
And these stars won't guide my way
The ash clouds obscure the path to redemption
In endless grey

The smoke coalesces and takes on form
A phoenix of ashes, my fears reborn
Suspended in time, my doubts run free
Gripped by the fear that you'll always hate me

My time is ending, my back against the grave
This land won't miss me, these stars won't know my name
Scattered in the wind, I've lost myself, I've lost my way
Just remember me, for what I was, not what I became

I've drowned in my shame
In the end I've got only myself to blame
Remember me but for not what I became


from Vestige, released March 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Seas of Conflict Hamilton, New Zealand

Seas Of Conflict is a Heavy Metal band from Hamilton (New Zealand), which consists of five members who all share the same dream, which is to have their music reach as many people as it possibly can. Seas Of Conflict are five hard working best friends who love to write, record, and perform their own original music. ... more

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